REVIEW: Searching for Celia by Elizabeth Ridley

Originally published 2015-06-24: Searching for Celia by Elizabeth Ridley

When I decided to read Searching for Celia by Elizabeth Ridley, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it sounded like a mystery/thriller mixed with LGBT romance — but would I really like it?

cover of LGBT thriller romance Searching for Celia by Elizabeth Ridley


Dayle Salvesen, a bestselling spy novelist from Wisconsin, arrives in London for a writers’ conference only to be told that her best friend and former lover, Celia Frost, has died under mysterious circumstances. Or has she?

There’s no sign of Celia’s body, and Celia’s flat contains items suggesting she planned to travel. Dayle joins forces with Celia’s ex-girlfriend, Nigerian-British university lecturer Edwina Adebayo, to investigate. Hampering their efforts is Detective Constable Andrea Callaway, who claims that Celia, who ran a refugee center, profited financially from her work rescuing trafficked sex slaves.

The deeper Dayle and Edwina dig, the more Dayle questions not only how well she knew Celia, but also how well she knows herself.

Could this Celia, who is supposed to be a savior to women and girls who have been treated so awfully, really be in on the trade for profit?

If so, she was a truly despicable character, and I looked forward to seeing what evil would befall her.

If not, I wondered how she would be confused with a sex trafficker, when, by all accounts, she was doing all she could to help the victims?

My Rating

What I found was that this story was fast-paced, entertaining, and strung me along for a while not knowing which way was up. I had no idea what the end would be, and I really enjoyed not knowing. By the time I reached the end, I knew there was no other way this story could have concluded.

Well written, plotted for page-turning, Searching for Celia is a must-read. Four of five stars!

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