REVIEW: Tall Order! and Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal by Honoree Corder

Originally published 2015-12-02: Tall Order! and Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal | Book Review Wednesday

In early November, I joined self-help guru Honoree Corder’s advanced reading team. Two of the books I wanted to read immediately were Tall Order! and the Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal.

cover of entrepreneur self help book Tall Order! by Honoree Corder cover of indie author entrepreneur self help book Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal by Honoree Corder

Tall Order! Seven Master Strategies to Organize Your Life and Double Your Success in Half the Time is a great inspirational resource. These seven strategies include visualizing your goals, a 100-day action plan, and advice on how to find the right mentor.

The goal of Tall Order! is to help entrepreneurs (like indie authors!) find clarity in their vision for their business and their future. Each master strategy is broken down into descriptions, notes, challenges, commandments, and more. She also includes personal stories from herself and anecdotes from successful entrepreneurs.

The second book, the journal workbook that goes along with the book, Prosperity for Writers, was enlightening. A lot of what Honoree zeroes in on are changing your own thinking through positive affirmations and repetition, however, it isn’t the same old self-help junk.

One of my favorite chapters is Your Journey to Becoming a Prosperous Writer. It deals with turning up your vibration, quiet confidence, and BOLO! BOLO stands for Be On The Look Out, and it teaches how to find blessings in life and be grateful for those things we might not normally notice.

Honoree Corder’s writing is uplifting, and she makes you look hard and deep into your own motivations to find the spark that you need to make your goals a reality.

Between the two books, I give four of five stars, and I highly recommend these books, and her others (of which there are MANY), to anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to produce and sell in a higher capacity.

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