REVIEW: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

Originally published 2015-07-15: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

I’m not sure what prompted me to pick up a copy of The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do by Jeff Goins. Maybe it was advertised in an e-mail newsletter, or it could have been recommended to me on Amazon, or it could have been dropped on my doorstep by the ghost of Poor Richard himself.

cover of self help book The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

Whatever the case, I’m really glad I got a chance to read this book, and I plan to read it again — more than once, if necessary.


“Life seldom unfolds the way we hope or plan. The twists, surprises, and setbacks leave us feeling stuck with no options left but to play it safe — to conform to what’s expected of us. But what if there is more to life than this?”

Jeff Goins says this isn’t a guru book. It’s a book about the “daring journey to discover your life’s work.” And he absolutely hits the nail on the head with that description. The Art of Work is full of anecdotes, lessons, and challenges — but the only way to make this book work for you is to ACT.

I think a lot of us know what we want to do, but how many of us can say that we have identified, pursued, and now follow our calling where it leads us?

My Rating

Like Jeff, for years I was afraid of calling myself a writer. I wrote a little, sure, but what had I published? What had I even shown to another person? Little to nothing.

I felt like a fraud calling myself a writer, because I wasn’t doing the work. I procrastinated, made excuses, and wallowed in my own fear. In short, I denied my calling.

I really wish I had found this book sooner in my life. Who knows? Maybe right now I would be totally supporting my family on my writing, and, more than that, really making a change in the world with this gift I have.

I do know that I won’t deny this calling anymore. I’ve always known what I was meant to do; this book gave me the kick in the pants I needed to step up my game.

Five of five stars for a great piece of self-improving nonfiction that spurred me to action!

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