REVIEW: The Grim Keepers anthology

Originally published 2016-09-28: THE GRIM KEEPERS: The authors deliver on the promise of the title in The Grim Keepers


Back in May, I had the pleasure of interviewing author R.L. Daman about his upcoming novel, Supplicant, his Halloween fiction contest, and the horror anthology he was going to be a part of. This review is for that anthology, which I finally got around to reading. (My To Be Read queue is long, and growing by the day.)

cover of The Grim Keepers

Book Description

A collection of haunting tales inspired by Halloween. This group of 15 authors have come together to critique their best offerings for inclusion in this anthology. Each story is unique, and each writer has carefully selected a theme that is sure to get your heart racing.

My Rating

While it was no Night Shift, overall this was a pretty good group of short stories. My favorite stories from this anthology were (in order of publication):

  • Virginia Carraway Stark’s Annie’s Fetch
  • Rachel Fox’s Crepuscular
  • Jason Pere’s Lethal
  • Alex Benitez’s The Man in the Black Hat
  • Roy Lawrence Daman’s Tip of the Hat

The Grim Keepers by CW Publishing gets three of five stars for being a solid anthology with some standout stories that were as grim as promised.


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