REVIEW: The Secret by R.L. Stine

Originally published 2016-03-16: A curse haunts a family for generations in R.L. Stine’s The Secret


Ten years ago as of this writing, my daughter was born.

When I look back at my life at that time, the change is nothing short of miraculous. My life now is so fundamentally different than it was in 2006. I was a different person.

One little girl set in motion a series of events that I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived them myself.

In honor of her birthday, I’ve started reading books from her favorite authors. The first on the list, my old childhood favorite, is R.L. Stine. She’s as fond of his Goosebumps series as I was at her age, and it’s been fun taking a peek back into my own adolescent mind while sharing the love of reading with her.

I picked up R.L. Stine’s The Secret (Fear Street Saga #2) at a library book sale recently with the intent to read it and see if it would be appropriate for her to read. This book was released in 2009, so I didn’t read it when I was a kid, but it has the same vibe as all his other works for kids and teenagers.

cover of Fear Street Saga The Secret by R.L. Stine

Book Description

In the second novel of a terrifying trilogy, R.L. Stine takes you back in time, finally telling the awful truth of what happened to the cursed Fear family…and why their evil lives on. Simon Fier meets an old gypsy who tells him his family will all die in a terrible fire. Terrified, he changes the family name to Fear, but he can’t escape the curse.

If you’ve ever read R.L. Stine, you’ve probably heard of Fear Street. In the over 80 Fear Street books, R.L. Stine killed off teenagers left and right. There were mysteries, paranormal stories, and tales that were strictly horror, but they all had that same fast-paced Stine vibe.

My Rating

The Fear Street Saga is a little slower than the original series, as it takes place back in the Colonial Days of superstitions, curses, and witches, but the tension was just as brittle and taut as I remembered from being a young kid.

True, I had a better idea of what was going to happen in this story, but it still kept me turning the pages one after another. When I had to put it down to do something else, I kept it nearby to start back up as soon as I was finished.

The Secret (Fear Street Saga #2) gets  four of five stars for being fun, engaging, and even a little creepy in places. I can’t wait to read the next Fear Street book in the stack of used paperbacks I picked up last week!

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