REVIEW: The Swarm by Arthur Herzog

Originally published 2015-04-25: The Swarm by Arthur Herzog TBR Pile Challenge Review 6

The Swarm by Arthur Herzog was published in 1974. (The movie based on it has Michael Caine in the leading role, which was a bit of really terrible casting by Warner Brothers once you read the book. But that doesn’t have any bearing on my review today.)

cover of sci-fi thriller The Swarm by Arthur Herzog


This story gripped me from the back cover. It starts with a news report:

FAMILY ATTACKED BY BEES—TWO KILLED MARYVILLE, N.Y. Sept. 26 (AP)—A family of five on an outing in an isolated spot by a stream were attacked by bees here. Mr. and Mrs. William Peterson died as the result of bee bites. Their three children were also attacked, one, Karen, age 12, severely. The local coroner, Dr. David P. Znac, speculated that both adults had allergies to bee bites, which can be fatal. About 30 deaths a year in the U.S. are attributed to bites from bees, wasps and hornets. What caused the bees to attack is not known.

When Dr. John Wood reports his suspicions, scientists aren’t worried. It seemed like an isolated event, totally unrelated to reports out of South America of African killer bees who invaded and took over the hives of native bees, bringing a wave of terror with them.

But as more people die of massive bee attacks, the assembled scientists must use their collective expertise to fight the threat of imminent danger to the entire country made even more insurmountable by the wave of panic gripping its citizens.

My Rating

I give this story three of five stars. Not the terror ride promised on the cover, but a good read nonetheless.

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