REVIEW: Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Georgia Beers

Originally published 2016-07-20: Fate brings two very different women together in Thy Neighbors Wife by Georgia Beers


This is another one of those books my wife owned and recommended to me, but I’ve only now gotten around to reading. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever read another Georgia Beers work, which I believe, as a lesbian, makes me far behind the times. It’s a little embarrassing.

I know, I know. Bad lesbian.

But I was looking for a quick, romantic read between thrillers, and this book seemed like it would fit the bill.

cover of lesfic romance Thy Neighbor's Wife by Georgia Beers

Book Description

Alex Foster’s life is exactly as she wants it. She’s quit her job as an English teacher and has decided to hole up in her newly acquired lake house for the summer to try her hand at writing a novel. She has close friends; she has her dog; she plays volleyball. She is content.

Jennifer Wainwright is a young, wealthy suburbanite who’s life is exactly as she expected it would be. She’s married to her high school sweetheart who is about to inherit his father’s law firm. She has friends. And she has the whole summer to work on decorating the new house on the lake she and her husband have just purchased as their summer home. She is content.

A chance meeting over a runaway pooch is the start of a journey for each woman. Over the course of one unbelievable summer set on the beautiful shores of Canandaigua Lake in upstate New York, these two women will teach one another, learn from one another, question their own beliefs and expectations, and unwittingly fall in love.

This story has a lot of themes. It’s about being oneself in a world that doesn’t want anyone to be unique. It’s about not bowing to the whims of others. It’s about relationships that grow, relationships that fall apart, envy, jealousy, and more.

My Rating

Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Georgia Beers gets four of five stars for being a great story that, while it has an unoriginal premise, delivered in surprising ways. I really enjoyed it!

This is book #17 on my quest to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.


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