REVIEW: Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers

Originally published 2016-01-13: Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers | Book Review Wednesday

I love reading books by authors I know, so when I found out author & editor extraordinaire Stephanie Ayers had written a book, I knew I had to check it out.

cover of Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers

Book Description

Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers is an action-packed drama that dips into the lives of a cast of characters who all have some connection to a diamond ring. Unfortunately for everyone whose lives are touched by this seemingly innocuous piece of jewelry, it brings with it a spark of darkness that shoots a crack through each of them at their core, leaving each of them reeling from grief – or worse.

When Ian buys Elizabeth a Tiffany’s engagement ring, he unwittingly sets off a series of deadly events as the ring goes full circle — passing through the hands of a hopeful co-worker, a young delivery boy, a beloved daughter and her father, a drug addicted twin brother, a drug dealer, and a pawn shop — to be reunited with its intended.

My Rating

From the first time I heard the premise for this story, I knew I was going to enjoy it. I put it on my TBR List, forgot about it for a few weeks, then bought it on a whim late last year. When I sat down with it, I couldn’t tear my eyes away, and I read it in the space of a few hours. The story was just that page-turning (or screen-swiping, as it were.)

An author like Stephanie Ayers is one I can’t pass up, so I asked her to be one of the authors I interview this year.

As for Til Death Do Us Part, I gave it four of five stars, and I definitely recommend it for anyone who loves to pick up a great, short book and not put it down until the end.

This is book #1 on my quest to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.

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