The first in my Deviant Behaviors series is only 99 cents!

I've finally done it. In celebration of Maladaptation's birthday, I'm putting it on sale for 99 cents! Want to try the first book in my LGBTQ suspense series, but didn't want to pay 5 bucks for it? Now you can try it out for the price of a cheap cup of coffee. Three women follow … Continue reading The first in my Deviant Behaviors series is only 99 cents!

Rescued | Romance Novel

One ratty, little dog will change Chuck's life forever. Chuck and her sister, Brenda, have always been passionate about animals. That's why Brenda became a veterinarian, and why they started the only animal shelter their small town knew. Old, malnourished, and abused, Stanley the Yorkie had a hard life, and the first time Chuck laid … Continue reading Rescued | Romance Novel

The Setup | Romance Novel

Rachel's two best friends have had it with her non-existent love life. Divorced from an abusive husband and with two children in tow, she and her best friends, Haley and C.W., have been living together in harmony for over a year. And while they love each other dearly, there is something none of them have … Continue reading The Setup | Romance Novel